Twin Peaks Trivia

  I know a lot of you Twin Peaks fans thrive on knowing a lot of Twin Peaks info. So, here is some trivia to prove you are a master of useless Twin Peaks information! The bit of trivia is from episode three. At the bottem of the page, you'll find links to trivia from more episodes. Enjoy!


1. Who did Laura's post mortem?
Doctor Hayward
Albert Rosenfield
Joe Fielding
Doctor Barker

2. What did Laura die from?
Stab wounds
Loss of blood
Blunt force trauma

3. When Cooper interrogates James, how long ago does James say they had their picnic?
Three Sundays ago
Last Sunday
Two Sundays ago
Last Saturday

4. What does Bobby suggest to Mike that they sell door-to-door to make money to pay Leo?
Life Insurance
Vacuum cleaners

5. Who makes the fish-brewed coffee?

6. How long did Harry tell Coop he had been seeing Josie?
4 weeks
5 weeks
6 weeks
7 weeks

7. How many times had Ben asked Audrey not to disturb the guests with her rackett?
About 1000
About 2000
About 3000
About 4000

8. How old was James when his Dad died?
6 years old
8 years old
10 years old
12 years old

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